The ultimate Guide to finding the best Ryokan in Kyoto

best Ryokan in Kyoto, Kiyomizu-dera temple

Kyoto is a unique city in Japan that you should definitely see. Because without Kyoto, no Japan travel itinerary is complete! While we already talked about the most beautiful temples in Kyoto in another post, in this article, we want to help you find the best Ryokan in Kyoto (some of the Kyoto Ryokans featured … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to finding the best Ryokan in Takayama, Japan

The best Ryokan in Takayama, Hida Takayama, Japan

Hida Takayama is a wonderful city in Japan that I would definitely not want to miss on any Japan Itinerary. While in another post we’ve already talked about what to see in Takayama, here we want to find the best Ryokan in Takayama (even some Hida Takayama Ryokan with private bath!) in order for you … Read more

How to find the Best Neighborhood to stay in Tokyo

Die beste Unterkunft in Tokio, Großstadtleben, Straße

Tokyo is a truly exciting city. There is so much to see – from traditional temples to modern city, with something new to discover on every corner. Since the transportation in Tokyo is very expensive, it can make a big difference in which district you book your accommodation in Tokyo, as the ways between places … Read more

Things I wish I knew before going to Japan – Important Japan Travel Tips

Things I wish I had known before visiting Japan I Infos about Japan I Travel Info

Every year, Japan attracts thousands of travelers to visit this beautiful country. But unlike the prejudices, it’s not only Manga-Fans visiting. Japan is extremely popular for its culture, its traditional architecture and its magnificent nature. Therefore, Japan attracts a huge variety of target groups: as there are so many options, such as Couchsurfing, Homestay in … Read more

1 Month Japan Cost – How to travel Japan on a Budget for under $1200

Tokio, Akihabara District, Japan Rundreise

Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows that traveling in Japan is anything but cheap. So often I have heard from people that they’d love to visit Japan but just don’t think it’s affordable for them to go. Anyway, traveling Japan on a Budget is actually not that difficult if you keep a few … Read more

Miyajima Itinerary – Your Guide to a fantastic Miyajima Day Trip from Hiroshima

Miyajima Japan, Schreininsel Tagesausflug

Let’s play a game. Think about a typical landmark in Japan…I guess many of you have just thought about this typical orange Torii (Japanese gate) that seems to be floating in the water. Does it ring a bell? Well, this Torii is called the Itsukushima Shrine and is located on Miyajima Island right outside the … Read more

Your Ultimate 2 Days Osaka Itinerary – The best things to see in Osaka in 2 days

Osaka 2 days itinerary, Osaka castle in spring

Osaka became my absolute favorite city in Japan. Even though we didn’t have much time to spend there (At first, we thought we could just spend 2 days in Osaka). Basically, we had to come up with an Osaka itinerary 2 days. However, as life sometimes plays, we would return to Osaka just one week later … Read more