Best towns in the Harz Mountains – Stunning places in Germany’s most beautiful mountains

best towns in the harz mountains, germany

Welcome to the highest low mountain range in northern Germany and one of the most beautiful mountains in the entire country: the Harz Mountains. Spread over an area of more than 2,000 km², you can find breathtaking nature, picturesque small towns with medieval atmosphere, numerous UNESCO cultural sites, national parks, and plenty of adventure opportunities … Read more

3 Days in Hamburg Itinerary – The best things to do in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg in 3 Tagen

Hamburg, the pearl of Germany, is clearly my favorite city in the country (together with my beautiful hometown Goslar, of course). Starting with the addictive sweet Franzbrötchen over the swans on the Alster Lake to the Port of Hamburg – Hamburg simply has its very own atmosphere that enchants so many visitors every year. In … Read more

One day in Frankfurt Itinerary – The best things to do in Frankfurt am Main

One day in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is not only one of the most visited cities in Germany but is also among the top 15 most popular cities in Europe. Of course, the fair in Germany’s “Mainhatten” attracts many visitors, but Frankfurt am Main also has a lot to offer as a tourist destination. The colorful mixture between tradition and modernity, … Read more

Where to stay in Berlin – Find the ideal area and best places to stay in Berlin

where to stay in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate

One of the frequently asked questions since we published our most recent posts about my home country Germany is the question of where to stay in Berlin. Because of its extensive size, it’s actually not that easy to find the best places to stay in Berlin. Since this city is one of the most visited … Read more

Best German Beaches – The 14 most beautiful Beaches in Germany you shouldn’t miss

best german beaches, seagul

Aren’t we all dreaming of a wonderful beach vacation? However, it does not always need distant tropical countries to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation. Because also Germany indeed, has some beautiful beaches. Therefore, in this article, we will have a look at the 14 best German beaches. These include not only the Baltic Sea beaches … Read more

The best Berlin Day Trips – 23 amazing Trip Destinations from Berlin

day trips from Berlin

A visit to the German capital is a real must for every Germany Itinerary. But what many don’t consider is that area around Berlin also has a lot to offer. Therefore I have summarized a few of my favorite Berlin day trips for you. However, this list of day trips from Berlin didn’t get very … Read more

2 Days in Berlin – A practical Berlin Itinerary 2 days to the best things to see

2 days in Berlin itinerary

A visit to Berlin is always unique. Even though I have visited the German capital countless times, there are always new highlights to discover. Because here it is guaranteed not to be boring. Even if more time is better, you can explore the best sights for just 2 days in Berlin. In the following, we … Read more

The most beautiful Cities in Germany – Recommended by Locals & Travel Bloggers

Die schönsten Städte Deutschlands, Wernigerode

Germany is a country full of fairytale-like towns and villages, stunning nature and Disney-Castles. It’s long overdue to show you some of the most beautiful cities in Germany – the country I’ve grown up in and called my home for more than 20 years. Anyway, since there are so many wonderful places in the country, … Read more

The Ultimate Top 10 best Christmas Markets in Germany

the most beautiful christmas markets in Germany

It’s about time. In German supermarkets, you can already find the first gingerbreads of the year – So, it’s time to start planning your trip to best Christmas Markets in Germany. But which one should you choose to visit? I asked some of my fellow travel bloggers and German friends about their favorite and here … Read more

Goslar, Germany – Medieval Fairytale Town in the Harz Mountains

Goslar Germany, Market square

Goslar is not only a beautiful destination for a vacation in the peaceful Harz-Mountains but is also the town I grew up in and lived for about 20 years. While as a teenager I cared more about Goslar not having great clubs like the neighbor towns have, today I appreciate all the attractions there a … Read more