The best Happy Journey Quotes – When you want to wish your Friends a Safe Journey

The best Happy Journey Quotes

Coming from a travel background (I have a degree in Tourism Management), many of my friends go traveling frequently. But also our families love to travel often and far. That’s why we collected a bunch of wonderful Safe and Happy Journey wishes. In the following, you can find the 33 most beautiful Safe Journey and … Read more

Your first step towards Zero Waste Travel – How to travel plastic-free

zero waste travel, travel plastic free, trash

Environmental-friendly travel. Actually, these two words contradict each other. Because let’s be honest – how much good can you do to the environment by getting on a plane, going on a cruise or do long road trips by car? Since my University Major was tourism management I was able to hear a lot of professionals … Read more

The Ultimate best Places to visit in Europe in Spring

The best places to visit in Europe in Spring, Bordeaux, France

It’s such a great feeling being able to take a little vacation during Easter or in Spring in general in order to relax a few days and discover something of the world. It does not always have to be long-haul destinations such as the Maldives, Thailand or Cuba, which are considered the most popular travel … Read more

Long Bus travel tips – Great tips to make your bus trips more comfortable

Tips for long bus trips and bus travel, green bus

Bus travel worldwide is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they to help keep your carbon footprint in balance (unlike air travel, road trips or even cruises), they also tend to keep your travel budget in balance. That’s why we like bus travel so much – because you can discover much more of the country … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the best Anti Theft Backpacks 2020

anti theft backpack for traveling

Imagine, you walk around enthusiastically at your travel destination and it has already happened without you noticing: cell phone, money, passport, important documents, laptop, tablet or what else you have been carrying around, have disappeared from your backpack within just a few seconds. When the owner notices the loss, the pickpockets are usually already gone. … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the best Travel Daypack 2019

der beste Tagesrucksack für deine Reise

A good daypack is important when traveling since you want to have all your important belongings safely with you while traveling. Of course, there are different features your daypack should have depending on what kind of trip you are going to have. In this article, we talk about which features your daypack should have and … Read more

The best travel Cameras – How to find the best Camera for Traveling 2019

Best Camera for traveling, best travel camera

In this post, we want to show you the most popular and best travel cameras 2019. In order to make it easier for you to find the camera that fits best to your way of traveling, we divided the cameras into different categories and budgets.  In the following, we will check all kinds of cameras … Read more

Why is it important to have travel insurance while traveling?

Ist eine Reiseversicherung sinnvoll - Reiseversicherung ja oder nein

If you are a Budget traveler like us paying money on a travel insurance can be kind of a big deal. It’s obvious that you keep thinking – Do I really need travel insurance? Maybe Hopefully, you won’t even use it. But then why is it important to have travel insurance while traveling? In the following, … Read more