The benefits of traveling Southeast Asia during rainy season

Benefits of traveling Southeast Asia during rainy season, beach, clouds

If you have visited this blog before you probably have seen that we’ve have spent some months in Southeast Asia last year. Since we traveled from Spring to Winter (European Seasons), we actually spent most of our time there during the rainy season. Because of our itinerary we’ve even kind of followed the rain on … Read more

Traveling Solo or Traveling with a Travel buddy – Pros and Cons

Solo Travel or traveling with a travel buddy, girls, san francisco

During the last years, I had the chance to try different ways of traveling. From traveling alone to traveling with friends or my partner. The people accompanying your trip often have a huge influence on the outcome of your travel and whether you are satisfied with it in the end. That’s why it is important … Read more

The ultimate Guide to Finding the cheapest Budget Flights online

Find Budget Flights online, airplane, sunset, flight

You want to buy your next airline ticket cheaper without paying unnecessary fees or more than the ticket is worth? Maybe you have already tried different search engines but just don’t know which one will show you the best deals. (Did you know that some search engines will probably never show you the best deals … Read more

His ultimate Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia

Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia for him, sunglasses, clothing, toothbrush, sunscreen

Are you planning a Backpacking trip and now the only question is: What do I back for my Backpacking trip to Southeast Asia? On the one hand, you probably don’t want to carry unnecessary things with you but on the other hand, you don’t want to miss anything, right? Before our trip, we had the same … Read more

Your ultimate Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia

The utimate Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia I Packing for a carry-on I Southeast Asia

Your travel to Southeast Asia is already planned and now you have to pack your bags and create a Packing List Southeast Asia? Especially a Backpacker should avoid packing unnecessary things. But you also don’t want to miss anything important, huh? I feel you, girl. We were stuck in the same dilemma before our trip. … Read more

Myanmar on a Budget – Your Ultimate Myanmar Travel Budget for less than $500

Myanmar on a budget I Hpa An I Saving Money in Myanmar

Are you planning a trip to Myanmar on a budget and have no idea about your estimated Myanmar Travel Budget? Maybe you even have read before that the expenses in Myanmar are usually higher than in the rest of Southeast Asia? Or if you just want to know how to save some money during your … Read more

The best accommodation in Thailand for every Budget

Best accommodation in Thailand I From Budget to Luxury I From dorm to priivate room I vickiviaja

Are you planning a trip to Thailand and don’t know yet where to stay? You don’t feel like experience any unpleasant surprises after arriving in your accommodation? Well, you came to the right place for finding the best accommodation in Thailand. In the following post, you can find accommodation all over Thailand for every budget: … Read more

Your Ultimate Thailand Trip Cost – Thailand on a Budget – 50 Days for less than $ 900

Thailand Trip Cost, Temple in Bangkok, Travel

Thailand is an amazing country and one of the most popular backpacker destinations worldwide. It’s known as the land of smiles for a reason. With its paradise-like beaches and natural outstanding natural beauty, one might think it was an extraordinary expensive country to travel to. But that is wrong! Thailand can be absolutely affordable if you … Read more