The best Beaches in Spain – 17 magical beaches for a perfect beach holiday

the best beaches in Spain

While in most places in the Northern Hemisphere, fall is approaching, in Spain, the summer is clearly not over yet. No wonder that this great country is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. In addition to incredible architecture, absolutely delicious food, and unique culture, Spain’s beaches are particularly famous. For us, it’s definitely … Read more

Best German Beaches – The 14 most beautiful Beaches in Germany you shouldn’t miss

best german beaches, seagul

Aren’t we all dreaming of a wonderful beach vacation? However, it does not always need distant tropical countries to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation. Because also Germany indeed, has some beautiful beaches. Therefore, in this article, we will have a look at the 14 best German beaches. These include not only the Baltic Sea beaches … Read more

The best Beaches in the US – For an amazing US Beach Vacation

Best beaches in the US, Sunset at the beach

If I asked you to think of wonderful dreamlike beaches, chances are that you are thinking about the paradise beaches of the Caribbean. But you don’t actually have to go that far. The coasts of the USA are full of stunning beaches as well. Let’s discover together the most beautiful beaches in the country. Below, … Read more

Maungmagan Beach Dawei & Other Amazing Dawei Beaches, South Myanmar

Maungmagan Beach, Dawei Beaches, jumping

Maungmagan Beach, Dawei, in the South of Myanmar was a true surprise for us. We were actually just expecting the Southeast Asian paradise-beaches in the South of Thailand and were excited to see that the Dawei Beaches, in South Myanmar, are absolutely beautiful as well. The most famous of those paradise beaches near Dawei, Myanmar … Read more

Otres Beach 2 – Destination Guide and our Misadventures in Cambodia

Otres Beach 2 Sihanoukville Destination and Misadventures vickiviaja

Sihanoukville is probably the most popular beach destination in Cambodia. It is famous for its parties and atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxed beach holiday you might prefer Otres Beach. Officially, Otres Beach still belongs to Sihanoukville. But besides the distance of around 7 km to Otres Beach 2, those destinations are just … Read more