Best Itinerary for One Day in Barcelona -See Barcelona in a day like a local

Barcelona in a day itinerary, Park Güell, view, One day in Barcelona

I can not emphasize enough what a wonderful city Barcelona is. No wonder I have been living in the Catalan capital for almost 3 years now. And still, I discover something new every time I leave the house. You can spend months or even years here without getting bored. But what if you have only … Read more

Your Ultimate United States Bucket List – The Top 10 most popular Cities in the US

Most popular Cities in the US, Most visitors

The United States of America – Country of Freedom. Every year, millions of national and international tourists are traveling in this unique country. But have you ever wondered which are the most popular places that you should add to your United States Bucket List? In another post, we have recently introduced you to the most … Read more

How to spend a great day in Sant Cugat – Barcelona Day Trip to Sant Cugat del Vallès

A day trip to Sant Cugat de Valles from Barcelona

Barcelona is just a great city and always worth a visit. What many do not know is that there are wonderful sights in the immediate vicinity of the Catalan capital as well. One of these destinations near Barcelona is just 17 km from the city – Sant Cugat del Vallès. This beautiful place offers the … Read more

The Ultimate best Places to visit in Europe in Spring

The best places to visit in Europe in Spring, Bordeaux, France

It’s such a great feeling being able to take a little vacation during Easter or in Spring in general in order to relax a few days and discover something of the world. It does not always have to be long-haul destinations such as the Maldives, Thailand or Cuba, which are considered the most popular travel … Read more

The Ultimate List of Most Underrated Cities in the US

Most Underrated Cities in the US, travel destinations

The United States of America is an incredible country and is full of endless possibilities and sights. What a pity it is that most visitors always visit only the same destinations in the US, such as New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Washington D.C., LA etc. In this article, we would like to introduce you … Read more

The best places to stay in Barcelona – Best Neighborhoods for every Budget

Die beste Barcelona Unterkunft, Nachbarschaften in Barcelona, Hotels

Although Barcelona is not a huge city in terms of area, it can make a big difference in which of the Barcelona neighborhoods you are staying and how your Barcelona accommodation is equipped. In this guide we would like to introduce you to the most beautiful and popular neighborhoods in Barcelona with their special features, … Read more

The best Unusual Things to do in Barcelona – Written by a local

Unique things to do in Barcelona, Insider tips from a local

Lately, while surfing the web, I’ve come across some of those Unusual things to do in Barcelona – Articles where self-proclaimed “locals” who spent 3 months in town for an Erasmus, reveal the supposedly totally secret Unique experiences in Barcelona – about 99% of those posts start with Bunkers del Carmel. Yes, the bunkers are … Read more

The Ultimate New York Itinerary 4 Days – Highlights in the Big Apple

New York City Sehenswürdigkeiten, Manhatten

New York, New York I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep – Frank Sinatra New York is just a wonderful place – my absolute favorite city to be exact. Anyone who has ever entered our house can easily recognize this from all my New York souvenirs, which I distribute everywhere as … Read more

The Ultimate Bali Itinerary 10 Days covering all the amazing Bali Highlights

Bali Itinerary 10 days, best things to see in Bali

Bali is simply a dream destination – whether for solo trips, honeymoons, yoga trips, or family travel – the Bali must-sees are definitely a highlight for every kind of traveler. There is so much to see on this Indonesian island; it can be hard to decide which are the best things to see in Bali. … Read more

Spain Travel Tips – Important Things to know before traveling to Spain

Spain Travel tips, things to know before traveling to Spain

Spain – This land offers simply everything a great holiday destination needs: sun, beach, sea, but also mountains, snow, hiking, and great architecture. In addition, delicious food, excellent wine, and unique nightlife. Not for nothing Spain is in third place of the most visited countries worldwide. Although Spain is part of Europe, the cultural differences … Read more

The best Things to do in Chefchaouen, the blue Pearl of Morocco

Sehenswürdigkeiten in Chefchaouen Marokko

Chefchaouen, Morocco – also called Chaouen or Xauen – was one of our highlights on our journey through northern Morocco. The small town, also known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco or Moroccos’s blue city, is considered one of the most famous places in the country and is visited by many tourists. But not only … Read more