The best food to eat in Spain – 21 yummy Spanish dishes you shouldn’t miss

the best food to eat in Spain

The typical food in Spain is varied, extensive, and diverse, in addition to being extremely delicious. Whatever you try, you will surely like it because this mixture of aromas, textures, and flavors will please any palate. It is not in vain that Spanish cuisine has achieved worldwide fame. If you are interested in knowing the … Read more

Food in Catalonia – 18 tasty Traditional Catalan Dishes you will want to try

Food in Catalonia

If you think of Spanish food, you probably have paella, tapas, tortilla de patata, and similar in mind. Each of those delicious Spanish dishes is also a popular food in Catalonia but are not typical of the region. But since the Catalan cuisine is also full of unique culinary delights, we want to introduce you … Read more

The best Food to eat in Peru – 19 yummy Peruvian dishes you shouldn’t miss

Peru Essen, Ceviche, Peruanische Küche

The food in Peru is a dream. Everywhere around the country, you will find tasty delicacies that make your mouth water. Although the food to eat in Peru may not seem very diverse at first glance, Peruvian cuisine is definitely one of the best and most popular in the world. In the following, we would … Read more