Best German Beaches – The 14 most beautiful Beaches in Germany you shouldn’t miss

best german beaches, seagul

Aren’t we all dreaming of a wonderful beach vacation? However, it does not always need distant tropical countries to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation. Because also Germany indeed, has some beautiful beaches. Therefore, in this article, we will have a look at the 14 best German beaches. These include not only the Baltic Sea beaches … Read more

The Ultimate 10 Days Croatia Itinerary to the most beautiful places in Croatia

10 Days Croatia itinerary

Croatia is definitely one of the most beautiful countries that I have been able to visit so far (I know, I know, I say that about many countries) – but honestly, this beautiful country simply offers the perfect mix of beach and sun, historic old towns and unique Nature. Even though you can’t spend enough … Read more

The most beautiful Cities in Germany – Recommended by Locals & Travel Bloggers

Die schönsten Städte Deutschlands, Wernigerode

Germany is a country full of fairytale-like towns and villages, stunning nature and Disney-Castles. It’s long overdue to show you some of the most beautiful cities in Germany – the country I’ve grown up in and called my home for more than 20 years. Anyway, since there are so many wonderful places in the country, … Read more

The best European Cities to visit in Winter – 12 Amazing Winter Destinations

best european cities to visit in Winter, Hamburg Christmas Market

It can be so nice to be able to spend some vacation in winter to relax for a few days and discover a new little part of the world. Europe is such an amazing place to spend the winter and there are so many cities to discover. Whether you are looking for a winter destination … Read more

The best Beaches in the US – For an amazing US Beach Vacation

Best beaches in the US, Sunset at the beach

If I asked you to think of wonderful dreamlike beaches, chances are that you are thinking about the paradise beaches of the Caribbean. But you don’t actually have to go that far. The coasts of the USA are full of stunning beaches as well. Let’s discover together the most beautiful beaches in the country. Below, … Read more

The best Happy Journey Quotes – When you want to wish your Friends a Safe Journey

The best Happy Journey Quotes

Coming from a travel background (I have a degree in Tourism Management), many of my friends go traveling frequently. But also our families love to travel often and far. That’s why we collected a bunch of wonderful Safe and Happy Journey wishes. In the following, you can find the 33 most beautiful Safe Journey and … Read more

The Ultimate List of most Underrated European Cities and Places

most underrated European cities

Europe – A continent filled with beautiful cities, unique architecture, cultural diversity, and breathtaking landscapes. What a pity that we tend to visit always the same most popular cities in Europe. Many popular touristy places to visit in Europe are already suffering from Overtourism. So why not visit a few less touristy places instead? Europe … Read more

The 55 best Travel Quotes of all time – From Classics to Modern

The best travel quotes of all time

Who doesn’t like to read some nice travel quotes before going on vacation or starting the next trip? Such quotes do also well on cards for friends, mobile phone or laptop background or as a picture to hang. My personal Pinterest account is full of wonderful travel quotes that I collected over the last 10 … Read more

Your Ultimate United States Bucket List – The Top 10 most popular Cities in the US

Most popular Cities in the US, Most visitors

The United States of America – Country of Freedom. Every year, millions of national and international tourists are traveling in this unique country. But have you ever wondered which are the most popular places that you should add to your United States Bucket List? In another post, we have recently introduced you to the most … Read more

Your first step towards Zero Waste Travel – How to travel plastic-free

zero waste travel, travel plastic free, trash

Environmental-friendly travel. Actually, these two words contradict each other. Because let’s be honest – how much good can you do to the environment by getting on a plane, going on a cruise or do long road trips by car? Since my University Major was tourism management I was able to hear a lot of professionals … Read more

The Ultimate best Places to visit in Europe in Spring

The best places to visit in Europe in Spring, Bordeaux, France

It’s such a great feeling being able to take a little vacation during Easter or in Spring in general in order to relax a few days and discover something of the world. It does not always have to be long-haul destinations such as the Maldives, Thailand or Cuba, which are considered the most popular travel … Read more