Bali Security + The most common Scams in Bali & how to avoid them

Scams in Bali, Bali Gate, street in Bali, architecture

Bali is such a beautiful island that I would return to at any time. After we have already presented in other articles the most beautiful Bali attractions, Bali travel costs and the best Bali accommodations, one more question must be answered: Is a Bali vacation dangerous and how to avoid tourist scams in Bali? In … Read more

Barcelona Scams – How to successfully avoid Pickpockets & Tourist Scams

Barcelona Scams and pickpockets, street in Barcelona

Barcelona is simply a beautiful city – but with many tourists also come many pickpockets. Meanwhile, Barcelona is even known as the City of Pickpockets – a really sad title. When I recently had to go to the German Consulate of Barcelona for a document which we needed for our upcoming wedding, I was shocked … Read more

The most common Scams in Vietnam and how to avoid them

scams in Ho Chi Minh vicki viaja

The more tourist a place has, the more scammers, pickpockets or tourist trips you will probably find. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that, nowadays, with the rising amount of tourists, also the number of scams in Vietnam taking place every day is drastically increasing. Here you can find, two scams they have tried on us … Read more