Your perfect Malaysia 2 week Itinerary – The most beautiful places in Malaysia

Malaysia Backpacking Route 2 Wochen, Strand von Langkawi

Malaysia is a beautiful country that has taken us by surprise and definitely became one of our favorite travel destinations. Not only the incredible food and the exceptionally beautiful and diverse nature have captivated us, but also the inhabitants and the culture of this special country expanded our Malaysia itinerary a lot more than was … Read more

Maungmagan Beach Dawei & Other Amazing Dawei Beaches, South Myanmar

Maungmagan Beach, Dawei Beaches, jumping

Maungmagan Beach, Dawei, in the South of Myanmar was a true surprise for us. We were actually just expecting the Southeast Asian paradise-beaches in the South of Thailand and were excited to see that the Dawei Beaches, in South Myanmar, are absolutely beautiful as well. The most famous of those paradise beaches near Dawei, Myanmar … Read more

Things I wish I had known before visiting Malaysia

Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is a wonderful country that surprised us every day with its natural and cultural beauty and definitely became one of our favorites.  I can just recommend everyone to go and visit Malaysia. Several cultures in Malaysia are quite different from many Western cultures. Therefore, it is important to know certain things before visiting Malaysia. … Read more

Malaysia on a Budget – One Month for less than 550USD (Brunei Included)

Saving Money in Malaysia, Sunset from Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a wonderful country that could be a role model for many Western countries due to its cultural diversity. Not only the amazing food there makes you want to stay longer but also its natural beauty. Malaysia was surely a positive surprise on our trip through Southeast Asia and we are absolutely planning to … Read more

Long Beach, Perhentians – Diving in Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands

Long Beach, Perhentians, Diving in Malaysia, Perhentian Islands

The Long Beach, Perhentians is one of the most beautiful places to go diving in Malaysia. But the Perhentians are not only an ideal place for divers. They are also perfect for a relaxing beach holiday in Malaysia. If you have the chance to visit this little piece of paradise, you should absolutely go for … Read more

His ultimate Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia

Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia for him, sunglasses, clothing, toothbrush, sunscreen

Are you planning a Backpacking trip and now the only question is: What do I back for my Backpacking trip to Southeast Asia? On the one hand, you probably don’t want to carry unnecessary things with you but on the other hand, you don’t want to miss anything, right? Before our trip, we had the same … Read more

Your ultimate Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia

The utimate Backpacker Packing List for Southeast Asia I Packing for a carry-on I Southeast Asia

Your travel to Southeast Asia is already planned and now you have to pack your bags and create a Packing List Southeast Asia? Especially a Backpacker should avoid packing unnecessary things. But you also don’t want to miss anything important, huh? I feel you, girl. We were stuck in the same dilemma before our trip. … Read more

The best things to do in Battambang, Cambodia – Highlights in the Bamboo Train city

Bamboo Train in Battambang, Top things to do in Battambang, couple

Battambang is one of the destinations in Cambodia that still doesn’t get all the attention it deserves. We absolutely liked Battambang. The cozy city in the Western part of the country is primarily known for its bamboo train. (I will talk about it later in this post, don’t worry), but trust me there are other … Read more

Terrific Bokor National Park Cambodia – Your Ultimate Guide

monks bokor national park cambodia

The Bokor National Park, also called Phnom Bokor National Park, is located around 20 km from Kampot in the South of Cambodia. It is famous for its pure and beautiful nature and the Bokor Mountain. If you visit the area around, I cannot recommend you enough to go see this stunning place for yourself. If … Read more

Top 10 Things to see in Phnom Penh – The ultimate Guide

Top 10 Things to see in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh (I know the Phnom Penh Pronunciation is not easy. I will tell you about this in the Section Phnom Penh Facts) is not only the capital of Cambodia but also the home of many cultural highlights of this wonderful country. Moreover, you can get a really detailed inside of the cruel history of … Read more