Your ultimate Guide to Backpacking in Bolivia – The most helpful Bolivia Travel Tips

Backpacking Bolivia Travel tips

Bolivia is a country full of natural diversity, cuddly alpacas and breathtaking sights. And, therefore, it doesn’t have to hide from its more popular neighbors Peru and Brazil. You can see, it’s only understandable if you want to discover this unique country on a Bolivia backpacking trip. Below you will find all the important Bolivia … Read more

How to visit Barcelona on a Budget – A Local’s Guide to drastically reduce your Barcelona travel cost

Barcelona on a Budget, Sagrada Familia

Apart from Madrid, the Catalan capital Barcelona is probably the most expensive city you can visit in Spain. Nevertheless, a trip to Barcelona can actually happen without breaking the bank. In this article, you will learn how much a trip to Barcelona costs and how to visit Barcelona on a Budget by saving a lot … Read more

How to get from Barcelona Airport to City Center & back – A Local’s Guide

How to get from Barcelona airport to city center

Almost 8 million people visit the Catalan capital on the northeast coast of Spain annually. With so many arrivals you can certainly imagine that the way from Barcelona airport to the city center must be well developed. And it surely is. There are many ways to get from Barcelona El Prat Airport to the center … Read more

The best European Cities to visit in Winter – 12 Amazing Winter Destinations

best european cities to visit in Winter, Hamburg Christmas Market

It can be so nice to be able to spend some vacation in winter to relax for a few days and discover a new little part of the world. Europe is such an amazing place to spend the winter and there are so many cities to discover. Whether you are looking for a winter destination … Read more

Bali Security + The most common Scams in Bali & how to avoid them

Scams in Bali, Bali Gate, street in Bali, architecture

Bali is such a beautiful island that I would return to at any time. After we have already presented in other articles the most beautiful Bali attractions, Bali travel costs and the best Bali accommodations, one more question must be answered: Is a Bali vacation dangerous and how to avoid tourist scams in Bali? In … Read more

Barcelona Scams – How to successfully avoid Pickpockets & Tourist Scams

Barcelona Scams and pickpockets, street in Barcelona

Barcelona is simply a beautiful city – but with many tourists also come many pickpockets. Meanwhile, Barcelona is even known as the City of Pickpockets – a really sad title. When I recently had to go to the German Consulate of Barcelona for a document which we needed for our upcoming wedding, I was shocked … Read more

Your first step towards Zero Waste Travel – How to travel plastic-free

zero waste travel, travel plastic free, trash

Environmental-friendly travel. Actually, these two words contradict each other. Because let’s be honest – how much good can you do to the environment by getting on a plane, going on a cruise or do long road trips by car? Since my University Major was tourism management I was able to hear a lot of professionals … Read more

The Ultimate best Places to visit in Europe in Spring

The best places to visit in Europe in Spring, Bordeaux, France

It’s such a great feeling being able to take a little vacation during Easter or in Spring in general in order to relax a few days and discover something of the world. It does not always have to be long-haul destinations such as the Maldives, Thailand or Cuba, which are considered the most popular travel … Read more

Long Bus travel tips – Great tips to make your bus trips more comfortable

Tips for long bus trips and bus travel, green bus

Bus travel worldwide is becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they to help keep your carbon footprint in balance (unlike air travel, road trips or even cruises), they also tend to keep your travel budget in balance. That’s why we like bus travel so much – because you can discover much more of the country … Read more

Spain Travel Tips – Important Things to know before traveling to Spain

Spain Travel tips, things to know before traveling to Spain

Spain – This land offers simply everything a great holiday destination needs: sun, beach, sea, but also mountains, snow, hiking, and great architecture. In addition, delicious food, excellent wine, and unique nightlife. Not for nothing Spain is in third place of the most visited countries worldwide. Although Spain is part of Europe, the cultural differences … Read more

What NOT to do in Barcelona – Barcelona Travel Fails to avoid

What not to do in Barcelona, Barcelona Travel fails

Barcelona is a destination that gets more popular every year and you can see that being reflected in the city image of the Catalan metropolis. When many tourists visit the same place, there are usually things to avoid. In Barcelona lately, you can find many pickpockets and even some scams taking place against tourists. That’s … Read more